Filing complaints

If you have any conflict with other member of the System, use the possibilities of the Arbitration service to resolve the situation. You can file a complaint to a member of the System and notify other members on his/her dishonesty. .


Complaint is a public review of the contact. It is available for all members of the system on the site of the Arbitration service. Complaint can significantly undermine the trust of the members of the System to WMID owner wjo is the subject of the complaint. For this reason, when a complaint is filed, then it is checked whether the transactions were made between the initiator of the complaint and the recipient.

There are three types of claims:

  • Complaint-warning is a feedback on the contact informing the other members of the System of his/her dishonesty. For example about non-compliance with the terms of delivery of goods or other breach of the terms of the transaction. Such a complaint you can leave within 60 days from the date of payment for the goods (services).
  • Complaint-warning of the dangerous or malicious website is a public feedback on the website, informing members of the System that the website contains malicious content and is not recommended to be visited. Complaints to the website are received from the members of WebMoney Transfer with personal and higher passports.

To file a complaint, go to the website of the Arbitration service and login using you WMID.

Select the type of the complaint: for a website or for WMID

If you made a purchase or transfer of funds, select WMID.

select complaint type

Enter WMID of the conact to whom you have a complaint

After entering WMID confirm your acceptance of the terms of the service and press Continue. Next, the system checks whether you committed a transfer to this contact.

Describe the essence of the complaint and specify the additional information

Write the text of the complaint and select the category (non-delivery of goods, viruses propagation, inconsistent goods, etc.). Additionally, specify the options of the mutual transaction, it will help the Arbitration to understand which deal and which transaction are implied.

Text of the message will be published as a complaint on the website of the Arbitration service and will be available for public viewing.

After completing the form, press Add, and the claim will be posted.