System Fees

A fee for provision of informational and technological interaction between correspondents in the WebMoney Transfer system is charged for each transaction and makes 0.8% (not less than 0.01WM*) of the amount of payment and not more than the maximum fees outlined below:

WMZ 50
WME 50
WMF 10
WMT 50
WMH 30
WMK 9 000
WML 150
WMS 500 000

No fee is charged for the following transactions:
- between the same type of purses of the same WM-identifier;
- between the same type of purses of the same WebMoney Passport (for users that have WM-passport not lower than Initial).

An additional commission may be charged when performing operations with confirmation using the phone number specified during the registration

For performing credit transactions, owners of D type purses are charged by the system in the amount of 0.1 % of the amount of each credit provided by them, but not less than 0.01 WMZ.

Depositing and withdrawing Tariffs

When depositing or withdrawing funds to and from the system, the fee will be charged in accordance with the tariffs of the agents:

Depositing Tariffs, Withdrawing Tariffs